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We have been working really hard to put things in place to keep you active, strong and resilient in these crazy times. We have a number of options that we think will work really well and still adhere to government guidelines and there is no cost to any current SSP member.

First off, we have partnered with a brilliant app called Telehab, this gives us the ability to program our Get Strong sessions in the comfort of your own home without much equipment. You’ll be receiving a personalised invite with your own program included and you’ll be able to see exercise demos as well as send us video responses of you training so we can still go over technique etc

The first program includes a daily mobility session to keep you guys supple from all the sitting around you’ll now be doing :-), a warm up to be performed before every session and 2 Get Strong sessions to be alternated. The first 2 sessions we’ve included are of a lower intensity than our normal sessions so can be performed multiple times throughout the week – perform these 2-4 times each and we’ll send out a more difficult program next week!.

Download the Telehab App here (your login will come in a separate email from Telehab) – 



We have also set up an SSP Strava account so members can compete on local routes for walking/running/cycling! For route ideas and distances, message me and I’ll put up some challenges in the group! For more info and to create an account go to:


Strava App:



And lastly walking is probably one of the best things you can do for your health, I have personally used the AllTrails app for a few years and it has a load of local walking routes graded by difficulty and location. Whilst we are still allowed to leave once a day for exercise – getting out for a hike is a great stress reliever, burns loads of kals, stimulate muscle mass and builds immunity. The app is great value and can be found here:



Thanks and stay #SSPSTRONG


Dan and the SSP Team x