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The way we structure our memberships is changing for all members from September 1st 2019 to add what we feel is real value. Get Fits and Get Refreshed sessions will be complementary and unlimited, with Get Strongs and Get Leans increasing in price and staying at just 4 members per session.
  • Get Fit & Get Refreshed sessions will now be complimentary and unlimited for all members including Small Group PT and 1:1 & 1:2 PT
  • Get Fit capacity will increase to 10 people per session and we aim to add more sessions during the week
  • More Get Refreshed added into the timetable at peak times in the week
  • Get Strongs/Get Leans/Gymnastic Rings will cost £16 per class and will have 4 people maximum to keep the coaching quality as high as possible
  • Youth S&C will now drop to £30 Per month for 4 sessions per month
The price restructure is as follows: New Pricing Structure:
Get Strong & Get Lean Sessions Get Fit & Get Refreshed Sessions Per Month Cost Per Month
4 Per Month Unlimited £64
6 Per Month Unlimited £96
8 Per Month Unlimited £128
12 Per Month Unlimited £192
16 Per Month Unlimited £256
For more info and to purchase see here