At SSP, we pride ourselves on high quality information that is backed by science and delivered by experts. We have wanted to run a fat loss challenge for a while but it has taken a bit of time to get the details right so we have a high quality product that delivers over and above. Most fat loss challenges that are pushed by the fitness industry are flawed because:

Detox/pyramid scheme based – buy this strange, overpriced product that cleanses your liver etc and drink 20 shakes a day to lose X amount in 3 hours etc etc

Training based – run you into the ground with high volume, army style training that does nothing but make you feel tired. We have deliberately not made this challenge training based, as fundamentally nutrition and adherence is what dictates fat loss, not training more or harder!

Too Short – most are are too short to see REAL sustainable results, we want to arm you with the info to succeed long after the challenge has finished, not lose a set amount over 6 weeks and the put it straight back on after eating a crisp.

Bad information – I have seen meal plans prescribed by Personal Trainers that were 90% boiled chicken/fish and green veg – this isn’t sustainable or fun, at all.

Using the Scale as a measuring tool – the scale is a terrible method of measuring fat loss since you have fluctuations in the amount of water your body is holding on to which is affected by a number of factors such as carb intake, sodium levels, activity levels, time of the month (women, obviously) etc.

Fat Loss – SSP Style

The SSP 12 week challenge aims to be different. We want to produce genuine, sustainable results, without huge calorie deficits, low carb, keto etc that is enjoyable and fits around your lifestyle. The challenge includes:

  • 3 x Body Composition tests (value £95)

Bodyfat and muscle mass will be measured at the beginning of week 1, 6 and at the end of week 12 so we have some concrete numbers on genuine fat loss. You will also be required to take photos at each point (you can do these at home, just as long as you do them!).

  • Customised meal plan based on your body composition test (value £100)

Based on the results of your body composition test, you will be given a custom meal plan that will take into account your daily required calories and activity levels, as well as a customised recipe guide. No generic meal plans here!

  • Fortnightly remote coaching (via skype or facetime) with Richard Tucker (value £150)

Rich is one of the country’s elite nutritionists and you get to pick his brains every 2 weeks over skype or facetime.

  • Weekly group accountability sessions at SSP (value £120)

Think of this a bit like Weight Watchers, minus the useless scales and weird crisps. You will have a coach (Dan or Ryan) and we can discuss specific issues you are struggling with,  strategies to overcome them and tips and tricks to aid in weight loss. Time to be confirmed but pencilled in for every Monday at 7.30pm. Whatsapp group included.


Now to the prizes (being leaner than ever should be good enough, but we want to spoil you :-)):

  1. A spa day for two at the amazing 5 star Pennyhill Park Hotel (Value over £300) and an upgrade to 6xPW at SSP for a month (value £240)
  2. £150 of vouchers to spend at The Cobham Clinic (health and skin clinic) and 3 personal training sessions with a coach of your choice (value £150)
  3. A 75 minute sports massage at SSP (value £60)

How much will it cost me?

The cost of the SSP 12 Fat Loss Challenge is just:

Early bird offer – £300 (Until the start date of 1st Feb)


Monthly – £110 Per Month for 3 months (added onto your SSP membership)

The start date is Feb 1st 2019 and for the first challenge we are limiting this to just 10 spaces.

Again, this is limited to just 10 spaces to keep the quality high so act fast. If you wish to know any more or to book your space email dan at [email protected] now!